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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Review: Essence Makeup You Better Work! Fixing Spray #essencemakeup #YouBetterWork #FixingSpray #SettingSpray #beauty #makeup #cosmetics

 (product photo courtesy of www.essencemakeup.com)

1.69 fl.oz/50mL $4.99
Setting spray has become an essential part of everyone's makeup routine these days, especially because the production of high quality setting sprays has become so common place. The job of a really good setting spray is to fix your makeup in place and allow it to get through a grueling day of what could be heat, perspiring, and even tears. 

One setting spray I particularly like is from Essence Makeup. Theirs is called You Better Work! Fixing Spray and it is good. It is specially formulated to keep makeup in place and looking flawless during all-day perspiring-inducing activities. The spray itself gives the perfect matte effect and an instant feeling of freshness on the face, leaving makeup looking intact all day long. Perfect for the heat of spring and summer. For a great refreshing mist on a hot day, keep it in the refrigerator and mist on to set makeup. If you are looking for a setting spray that is gym-proof, look no further. You have found it. This setting spray is also cruelty-free, vegan and paraben-free.

To use: shake well before use. Spray about 15 cm away from face, which is almost 6 inches. Keep eyes and mouth closed while spraying. If the spray does accidentally get into eyes, rinse them thoroughly with water. 

What makes this setting spray different than other ones? it is the ingredient list. I looked at it and broke it down. This spray contains butylene glycol, a conditioning agent for the skin, that leaves the skin softer. Glycerin is also included, which is a humectant and helps to draw in moisture to the skin. It also contains menthol, which is what gives it the cooling effect and is why you need to close your eyes & mouth when applying. Enantia chlorantha bark extract is included and has astringent and wound healing properties. Oleanolic acid helps to nourish the skin and protect it from free radicals, with its antioxidant properties. 

This is not just your average setting spray, it actually helps the skin and nourishes it while keeping your makeup in place. There are not many on the market that do that. And, this spray works very well at keeping makeup in place when it is hot and humid out. We already had a 70 degree day here believe it or not and I took a nice walk to test the spray out. I even had my daughter test the spray out and she is 21, barely wears any makeup. So she put on some eye makeup for me and went to the gym. She liked the way the makeup wore after a full workout. No creasing, smudging or running. Below are some pictures of me after I had worn makeup for a walk outside in the warm weather. My makeup stayed in place. I even perspired some because I wore a sweater. 

Here are photos of my makeup with You Better Work! Fixing Spray:

Essence Makeup You Better Work! Fixing Spray retails for $4.99 per 1.69 fl.oz./50mL. Which is a great price and is comparable to other brands when you compare the amount per ounce. It is available from www.essencemakeup.com and ULTA BeautyLike essence makeup on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/essence.north.america/; Follow essence makeup on Twitter: @essencemakeup and Follow essence makeup on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/essencemakeup/.

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Marie Papachatzis

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