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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Cica (Centella asiatica): How It Helps Soothe Redness & Sensitive Skin

Cica (Centella asiatica): How It Helps Soothe Redness & Sensitive Skin


If you have any redness or sensitive skin then you will be interested in today's topic. It is Cica (Centella asiatica) or gotu kola. Cica is also known as Tiger Grass, because tigers rub it on their wounds to help the skin regenerate. This plant is well known for its abilities to soothe redness, irritation and sensitive skin. It has made appearances in Korean and American skincare products in the past few years and is now well known for its ability to calm down skin that is over-stressed and inflamed. Koreans are known for having a lot of sensitivities in their skin due to high pollution levels in the air. Cica helps to calm these sensitivities. 


Although it has been a staple of Chinese medicine for centuries, cosmetic chemists are just now discovering the benefits of Cica. A 2012 study backed the efficacy of Cica, citing that it did heal wounds efficiently. Just what are the benefits of Cica? Well,  let's just say they are varied. It is believed that Cica does the following for the skin:

  • soothe, repair, and heal irritated skin
  • treat acne
  • calm sensitive skin 

The benefits of Cica are due to its chemical composition. It is that reason why Cica can perform all of these functions and act accordingly on the skin, helping to reduce redness, relieve inflammation, and soothe sensitivity  The botanical is chock full of amino acids, beta-carotene, fatty acids and phytochemicals (including Vitamins C, A, B1, and B2). Together, all of them help to stimulate collagen production because they are packed with antioxidants that give an antimicrobial boost and also provide anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. If you want to firm, repair, soothe the skin, or combat breakouts, Cica is your go to ingredient. It may also help to firm and repair age spots according to Perry Romanowski, cosmetic chemist. Also, it may help to protect skin from premature aging by protecting against external sources of skin damage such as pollution. Cica also benefits dryness and dullness too. It helps to combat dryness in the stratum corneum of the epidermis by increasing circulation and blood flow to the skin, which decreases moisture loss and aids in cellular repair. Skin then appears more hydrated and less inflamed. (https://bit.ly/3bNIlqY)


So, what are some good products with Cica in them? The most infamous is Dr. Jart + Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF30 ($52.00). When used as directed, this calming cream (that is always sold out at SEPHORA), helps to calm red, inflamed, and irritated skin. Dr. Jart+ has a whole line called Cicapair. I have small sizes of the them and the large size of the mask, which I happen to LOVE!!!!! I did a review of the mask. Boy did it really help to get rid of some of the redness and inflammation in my skin (https://bit.ly/3nwF9on). Read my review of the mask. 

Meebak also has a whole skincare line dedicated to Cica. I have their 2-in-1 Cica Toner ($18.97) and let me tell you, it is lovely. Hydrating, soothing, and it doubles as a mist; this toner is great for skin that is not having any of your flack. Spray it on and let it sit or apply with a cotton pad. Either way you will know the feeling of "ah, relief."

Meebak 2-in-1 Cica Toner


So, that is a little bit about Cica and the wonders it can do for your skin. If you have skin that acts fussy, cranky, sensitive, and inflamed, then try it out and see how it works out for you, The chances of you finding your best new cream are good. Possibly you might even find a Holy Grail product. However, you never know unless you try out the products for yourself. 

Until Next Time~

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