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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Makeup Trends You Need to Know in 2021

Makeup Trends You Need to Know in 2021

With the pandemic, makeup trends have taken many turns, which makes it hard to predict the future. However, this also means a variety of cool trends that suit all types of styles and preferences with some opting for full, expressive glam while others looking for a more natural look. 

Regardless of your preferred style, there is a trend for you. Here are some of the top makeup trends in 2021. 


Makeup, just like clothes, appears to be going back in time. It has been noted that 2021 is the year of the '90s with matte and muted colors, such as cool and warm grays, browns, purples, and blues. Makeup artists are also seeing a range of cat-winged eyes, glitter, and dark lipsticks emerging. 

Artists have reported a surge in 60’s makeup too, with graphic shapes with liner and eyeshadow. 


It could be because of the pandemic, with more time at home, or the urge to make the most of heading out, but there has been a huge rise in expressive makeup. Makeup that follows no particular trend, but is a statement of personal expression from the individual. These are often bold and bright, extenuating features and using a range of patterns and techniques. People are not shy and use makeup to express how they feel, enhance features and increase confidence. 


Some people are opting for the complete opposite, and creating a more natural look that enhances the texture of your skin, and natural colors and features, while leaving a skin-like finish. Neutral colors are used in this beautiful, minimalist trend that plays on your natural beauty to create the perfect look. 


Many beauty gurus are beginning to turn away from corporate makeup products and instead look towards cruelty-free products. The rise in non-toxic makeup is demonstrating that you have the power to create change by switching out your daily products and reducing the testing on your favorite furry animals. People often think the quality is different when in fact, cruelty-free products are just as good, they are generally healthier due to the natural ingredients and can lead to more mindful beauty practices. 

Sustainable makeup products 

2021 has also seen a push for more sustainable product use, and it is working. Stats show that brands with a green feature in their cosmetic range play a significant role in a consumers decision to purchase a brand's products. Sustainable makeup products mean less toxic elements in ingredients, less damage to the environment, and less damage to personal health. But it is not just the product consumers are interested in, it is also the process behind the product from formulas to production, suppliers, and packaging. Many consumers, much like cruelty-free makeup, feel that sustainable makeup is out of reach and not of good quality. However, makeup that has been made in a socially and environmentally responsible way produces higher quality makeup that lasts longer, and is sourced from natural ingredients that are better for your long-term health. 

As you can see, makeup in 2021 is taking many turns that support individual expression and the health of the planet. 

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