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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Seasonal Skincare Changes To Make From Summer To Autumn

Seasonal Skincare Changes To Make From Summer To Autumn

Back during the spring I wrote a blog article about skincare and how important it is to change your skincare routine when the season changes from winter to spring. Well, it is just as important for you to change your skincare when the season changes from summer to autumn. Changing your skincare to suit the seasons is very important, always. 

When the seasons change, skin changes as well. How? Usually from summer to autumn it starts to produce less sebum as the humidity levels in the air plummet. Also, as the air starts to take on a wonderful chill that we all love, our skin will start to get somewhat dehydrated. Therefore serums that we had using during the winter and spring become an integral part of our routine again. Finally, skin might look somewhat haggard after having been in the sun for some part of the summer. No matter how much sunscreen we may have been wearing! It is time to undo some of that damage. And undo it we will. We are going to make our skin glow and look radiant again. 

As I mentioned above, the first sign of a change to skin is the decrease in humidity levels and a decrease in sebum levels in the skin. To help counteract this, make sure to use products with enough of a protective barrier on the outside that mimics sebum. A good moisturizer will help do the trick. And you might as well make it a moisturizer that works for your age and has sunscreen in it too during the day, right? So how do you know what is good for your skin type? If you have very dry skin or dry skin all year round and you don't really make much sebum during the summer months then you probably switch out your moisturizer for something lighter that doesn't feel like it is as heavy. Pick something for dry skin that is a cream to gel formula. Also make sure it has other ingredients in it like peptides, antioxidants and possibly retinol in it for the nighttime. However you could be someone like myself who has dry skin during the winter and normal skin during the summer. If you are like that, I also generally like to recommend trying out a gel-cream moisturizer during this time of year, as it goes on well in the heat, sinks into the skin and actually doesn't make your skin feel too heavy. There are so many brands out there that make these kinds of moisturizers but the majority of the great ones are Korean or Japanese. I like Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream. It is the best of all the gel-cream moisturizers. 

I would also recommend a gel-cream moisturizer for normal skin, combination skin and even oily skin but ones that are specifically made for those skin types. Farmacy Beauty has one specially made for normal to oily skin, Daily Greens Oil-Free Moisturizer. Notice these are just moisturizers not sunscreens. So, these can be used alone at night or with a sunscreen on top. However if you want a good lightweight moisturizer with a sunscreen in it, then try No 7 Lift and Luminate Day Cream with SPF30 Fragrance-Free

As your sebum levels adjust and your skin adjusts to the weather, your skin should stay well hydrated. You may find that you have some dehydration in your skin from the elements of summer such as sun, sea and salt. What does dehydrated skin look like? It generally looks shiny but without any sebum on it. Imagine skin that looks like it has a shiny "Saran Wrap" like appearance. To counteract this I would recommend a very light exfoliation on the skin to help get rid of any extraneous dead skin cells and then a series of hydrating sheet masks that will help to increase the hydration of the skin again. With these you can add serious moisture to the skin in a short amount of time without sacrificing much money. Sheet masks can be purchased for very little money. TONYMOLY has some wonderful sheet masks that I LOVE and work very well for the skin. After a very light exfoliation of a scrub such as TATCHA The Rice Wash, which is a cleanser and exfoliant in one, use a sheet mask. Apply a sheet mask and leave on for 20-30 minutes daily for one week to rehydrate the skin. This is a session that will rehydrate the skin in one week as opposed to waiting around at least 30 days for skin to replace itself and heal. 

If your skin STILL has not healed after all of this, then it is likely you will need  something to repair the natural moisture barrier, which has been compromised. This happens when the ceramides in the natural moisture barrier have evaporated from the skin when the skin is compromised in some way or another (usually do to damage from excessive exfoliation such as peels or scrubs). It can also happen due to damage from excessive sun exposure that causes blistering or peeling of the skin. What can repair the natural moisture barrier? Moisture and an occlusive product. You need to replace the ceramides lost in the skin. My favorite product is CeraVe Healing Ointment, which contains both moisture and an occlusive in one fell swoop. This product is a thick, rich ointment that can be slathered on skin that is broken, cut, scraped, abraded or compromised and almost immediately heals & softens the skin. It works so well that it is often the darling of dermatologists and is sold out everywhere. 

The key to successfully navigating the seasons between your skin and the change in the weather is to actually pay attention to your skin, letting your skin show you what it needs. You are more likely to break out in some acne lesions due to the change in weather. If this happens to you, break out the salicylic acid and apply daily to the area where you tend to break out. Salicylic acid contains both an antibacterial and an anti-inflammatory agent, which means it actually treats the bacteria in the lesion and breaks down the inflammation. It also helps to get rid of some of the PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). 

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to send me a Tweet or an email. I hope that this has been educational to you. 

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis


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