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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Japan's Largest Cosmetics Portal Launches English-Language Shopping Site #cosme

Cosme.com Inc., one of the consolidated subsidiaries of istyle, Inc. on May 13 launched a new website (https://www.cosme.com/en/), the English-language version of "cosme.com," the e-commerce arm of "@cosme," the largest cosmetics and beauty portal in Japan. 

japan shopping site

"@cosme" has developed into a full-scale cosmetics portal reaching overwhelmingly large numbers of women, with one in every two women in Japan in their 20s and 30s turning to the site (*1). It is the largest portal in Japan for cosmetics and beauty products, registering each month 10 million visitors using all types of devices and 270 million page views. It boasts a database with 250,000 items of 28,000 domestic and foreign brands and comes with a function for searching users' postings on merchandise evaluation, and new product information. 

The annual rankings of cosmetics,"@cosme Best Cosmetics Award," compiled primarily from the users' postings, draws the close attention of the cosmetics and beauty industries. "cosme.com" is the e-commerce arm of "@cosme" and is one of the largest of its kind in Japan, handling regular merchandise amounting to 1,200 brands and 13,000 items. Shoppers at "cosme.com" can pick up products listed on the "@cosme Best Cosmetics Award" rankings or can make purchases taking into consideration the website's bestseller lists as well as evaluation postings by buyers. 

The new English-language "cosme.com" stocked with about as many items of merchandise as with the Japanese site will promise enjoyable shopping experiences like the Japanese website. Moreover, the first 2,000 of new members registered by the end of May 2015 will be offered 500 shopping points on June 4
as part of the website's launch celebrations. Those who have already registered with the Japanese cosme.com or any other @cosme group websites are not eligible for the bonus points. Foreign shoppers can take delivery of products by using the third-party's forwarding services. 

(*1) Source: istyle, Inc. Data compiled from the number of unique users, using PC, smartphones, and feature phones, as well as the demographic statistics of the members. 

Website: https://www.cosme.com/en/about-us/


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