Review: Quick Stitch Sewing Kit

quick stitch sewing kitEveryone needs a sewing kit to keep around the house. Just in case you need to sew a button, a hole in something, to fix a hem or something else, it is a good idea to have a kit around the house just in case. This kit has everything you need for a quick stitch. It has needles, thread, tape measure, scissors, fabric tear, some buttons, etc, Buy one and give it to your son or daughter when he/she goes off to college. It is an essential thing to have around. Make sure that your child has the basic necessities for life. I like that this kit is not too expensive either.

I tried out the kit myself and found everything worked great. I sewed a button on a shirt. The needles were sharp and the scissors worked great. The items in the kit all worked well. No problems with any of the items that come in the kit. This kit is available on for $11.95: