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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Review: Pixi Retinol Eye Cream #Pixi #RetinolEyeCream #PixiBeauty #skintreats #eyecream

(product photo courtesy of www.pixibeauty.com)

0.84 fl.oz./25mL $22.00

It wouldn't be a good skincare series without discussing eye cream. Pixi also introduced a wonderful Retinol Eye Cream in their series too. I'm liking it.

This eye cream has been formulated to improve elasticity around the eye area, smooth the skin and protect the delicate skin around the eye area. It is super nourishing, restores skin to its better state, renews it and helps minimize the look of fine lines. This cream is also very soothing to the eye area. Retinol helps smooth and refine the skin, caffeine depuffs and energizes the skin and peptides firm and revitalize the skin. 

Not everyone can use retinol on their eyes, some cannot tolerate it and are very sensitive to it. So I would advise testing this on their eye area once a day and then every other day working up to daily use first before trying every day use at first. It doesn't say what percentage of retinol is in this product but I would be thinking a 0.5%. Most facial products contain a 1% retinol and anything for the eyes is a 0.5%. Use once to twice daily once you can tolerate it on your lids for an extended length of time. 

I like this eye cream because I can tolerate using it on my eyes without any burning or irritation, which is a first for me and retinol on the eye area. Also, it does depuff and smooth out the eye area. For me that alone makes me happy as those are the only issues I am dealing with at the moment. I did follow the titration process for working up to using it daily, and I would advise doing the same or you might come off with burning eyelids. 

Pixi Retinol Eye Cream retails for $22.00 and can be purchased 
at www.pixibeauty.comwww.target.com and Target stores. Like Pixi on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PixiBeauty?sk=wall; Follow Pixi on Twitter: @PIXIBeauty; Follow Pixi on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/pixibeauty/; Follow Pixi on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixibeauty/ and Subscribe to Pixi on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/PixiBeauty.

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