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Monday, April 5, 2021

How to Keep Your Blonde Hair Looking Fresh All Day

 How to Keep Your Blonde Hair Looking Fresh All Day

Lifeless, brassy, dry, and brittle hair can be a problem for both natural and dyed blondes. A few hours in the salon chair can lead to a pretty bad dye job, if not cared for properly. Whether you want to bring come life into your hair, or you’re just curious, here’s everything you need to know about keeping blonde hair looking fresh all day!

What’s the Problem?

First things first, what can go wrong with your blonde hair? It can be dehydrated, brassy, yellow-toned, or damaged by heat. These are the problems that plague most blondes if they’re not careful. Here are some simple solutions to keep your hair looking fresh and glossy!

Must have products - Toners

Bleached or dyed hair, once washed a few times can not only fade but become brassy. This is because the hair becomes dry and the dye slides off it. Toners and purple shampoos can make the resulting orange or yellow-tinged hair go away. There are many different types of hair and it can be hard to know exactly what product would work best for you. If you want to know what kind of toners you’ll need, here are the details to make sure you know exactly what will make your hair the perfect shade. Do a little research to get the best results and keep your hair looking fresh!

Hydrate those locks with a conditioner!

Depigmentation, brittleness and split ends tend to happen because your hair is dry. The solution to this is hydration! Watering your hair won’t do it, so you need to hydrate your hair with a conditioner. For blonde-dyed hair, using a conditioner after each wash is necessary to keep the color in your hair. Conditioners help replenish dehydrated hair that is stripped of all of its natural oils. Washed-out blond hair is a look too difficult for most to pull off! Conditioners also keep the scalp and hair moisturized, which prevents damage and breakage. Consider doing a deep condition once a week to keep your hair glossy and healthy! 

Avoid heat damage and the sun

The heat from a flat iron, hair-dryer, or even the sun can damage both your scalp and your hair. This dries out your hair and makes it brittle and coarse. A good tip for non-treated and especially treated hair is to never use a flat or curling iron on wet hair. Make sure it’s completely dried first! When you can, avoid using a hair-dryer and opt for drying your hair naturally. If you have to blow dry your hair, make sure to use a heat protection spray beforehand! Dyed or light hair can be especially sensitive to UV light from the sun because it lacks dark protective pigments. To avoid loss of color or UV damage, try making hats or head scarves your thing! Only you can prevent dry and lackluster hair!

To keep your hair looking full of life and fresh, you need to remember the big three: Hydration, Products, and Heat. A little bit of care goes a long way whether you want to look good for your date, your work, or yourself! Blondes maybe do have more fun, but they never said it was easy, so remember to take extra good care of your hair if you’re a blonde!

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

IG: iamthemakeupjunkie



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