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Friday, June 4, 2021

Guest Post: Skin troubles? Here's how modern cosmetic treatments can help you tackle this menace

Skin troubles? Here's how modern cosmetic treatments can help you tackle this menace

Skin related problems are not new to us. Almost everyone we know has suffered from some form of skin ailments. The advancements made in the field of dermatology have ensured that you can seek proper treatments for these problems from a reputed skin specialist. These treatments work in different ways. Some of them aim to improve the collagen production in your skin using heat treatments while others aim to take care of the wrinkles across your face and body. Overall they are much less invasive than surgical methods while also needing less recovery time in most cases. We will look at some of these modern cosmetic treatments can make your skin troubles a thing of the past:

  • Botox Injections – This treatment is used primarily to reduce the wrinkles that appear on our face due to ageing or other related factors. What this injection does is that it manages to acts on specific muscles and nerves that the doctors target without affecting the surrounding areas of your skin. The injections can be single or multiple based on the severity of the wrinkles. It doesn’t need much recovery time and the result can last up to several months. 

  • Chemical Peel – This is one of the few modern cosmetic treatments that can tackle multiple skin ailments like acne scars, wrinkles, freckles or rough skin. It involves applying a specialized chemical solution to the affected area which helps to remove the damaged skin. The dermatologists use different types of chemical peel depending on the severity of the problem. Mild or medium chemical peels have lesser recovery time while the deep chemical peel give you long lasting results.

  • Laser Skin Resurfacing –In this treatment the outer layer of skin is removed from the affected area while the deeper layers are heated up. This allows the skin look smoother and firmer by triggering production of collagens. There are two types of lasers used for this process – ablative and non ablative. Ablative lasers are used for deep scars or wrinkles with quicker results but greater recovery period. Non Ablative lasers primarily treat age spots and other signs of ageing with lesser discomfort and quicker recovery durations. Although there can be side effects like redness of skin and sensitivity due to sunlight for the first few months; the results are more permanent and can last up to several years.

  • Microdermabrasion treatment – Be it enlarged pores or discoloured skin, minor facial scars or pigmentation, Microdermabrasion treatment can take care of them all. It involves applying tiny micro crystals to remove the outer layer of dry skin cells which enables the newer skin cells to show up. It is the best way to protect your skin from the harmful chemicals and pollution that are ever present in our cities. There is a chance of initial redness and inflammation immediately after the treatment which can last up to two days in most cases. This treatment requires several sittings as well before you can get the desired results. 

  • Dermal Fillers – One of the most innovative methods in dermatology, it involves injecting fillers into your skin that are used to plump up areas like your lips or cheeks. Not only that, this treatment also helps soften things like creases and wrinkles on different areas of your face and the rest of your body. These fillers can last up to a period of eighteen months in most cases. There will be slight discomfort due to the injection and the area may feel elevated for the next few days. This treatment is primarily used to rejuvenate your skin and provide volume to your cheeks that decreases with age.

  • Laser Hair RemovalAs the name suggests, it involves the removal of unwanted hair from different parts of your body using laser technology. It is more convenient, painless and cost effective when compared to waxing, shaving or epilating. A device is used to emit mild rays of light on the specific region that incapacitate the hair follicles. This allows the hair to leave the body from its roots. You will need multiple sittings dermatologist to remove the hair permanently.  This treatment works best when the hair that needs to be removed is darker than the color of the surrounding skin. Those with tanned skin should only take this treatment after their tan wears off completely. 


These Skin treatments have gained much popularity in the recent past solely due to their effectiveness. It can certainly help improve the look and feel of your skin without causing any major side effects. While some of these procedures might be costly, they help you provide a long term solution from your skin aliments.

Aditya - Freelance Health Blogger who writes on variety of subjects like health, fitness and skincare

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